Is NOW the right timet to sell?

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Choosing to sell your home is a big decision, one that requires a lot of thought. Whether it’s your first time selling your home or your third time listing, the decision is always a tough one. There are things you need to think about as a seller before you list your home and ways you can prepare to make sure now is really the right time for you to sell your home.

Before you list your home and move onto finding your better home, we’ve put together a quick list of things for you to consider.

Are you ready to make minor improvements?
Putting your home on the market usually requires the seller to make some minor improvements around the house. Some rooms might need to be painted, or have updated flooring in them. You might also need to change fixtures inside the home like curtains or lighting. You may also need to update the landscaping and exterior of the home. Upgrading the exterior appeal of your home is just as important as the interior appeal of your home.

These improvements all need to be financed by you before you make any money on the sale of your home, so before you list your home make sure that you have savings you’re willing to commit to giving your home a minor face-lift.

Do you need a renovation?
Is your kitchen functional? Does your bathroom need a lot of work? Do you have an unfinished basement?

For the fixer-upper buyer this might be perfect. But depending on the market, that isn’t always the type of buyer that’s going to come see your home. Do some research on what buyers in your area are looking for, and if they’re not looking for a home with projects they’ll have to complete, now might not be the time to sell your home.

If you don’t need a renovation, or have just completed one, now might be the perfect time for you. Even if there is a trend for buyers looking to fix up homes, if your home is ready to be lived in without any projects needing to be completed you’ll likely find a buyer excited to move into your home right away.

Are you ready to compete in the market?
Don’t forget, once you sell your home you’re going to be a buyer, too. Keep in mind the state of the market, and how much competition there will be out there when you’re a buyer. If the market isn’t in your favour as a buyer, it might not be the best time to sell. Do some research, talk to a realtor, and balance out what you’ll make on your home versus what you’ll be spending on a new home.

If you’ve thought things through and have decided now is the time for you to sell your home, connect with us at Better Homes. Working with a better team will help you get your home sold, and help you buy your next home.