Small updates that translate to big dollars!

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You’re looking to sell your home, which means that you’ve probably read every article that tells you that you need to be doing some updates to boost the property value before you list it. This is true, but don’t panic – you don’t have to completely gut your home and invest all of your savings just to sell for more.

There are lots of small updates that can be done on your house that can give you an incredible return when it comes time to sell your home. Here’s a list of things you can do to yourself to stay on budget and sell for more.

A fresh coat of paint
A fresh coat of paint on your walls can brighten a room up more than you’d think. Rooms will look cleaner and fresher once new paint is on the walls. You can also paint over any outdated colours or swap out any wall paper for new paint at a relatively low cost. By swapping out of season colour palettes out, your home will look more modern and updated and buyers will be enticed quickly.

Open up some rooms
If you’re able to do so yourself, consider knocking out some non-structural walls. This kind of upgrade is a bit more on the expensive side, but it’s still less than a full renovation and will leave your home feeling like you did much more. Opening up the main level of your home, especially, will make your home feel bigger to new buyers. Buyers want the home to feel wide open and spacious, so catering to that will benefit you in the sale.

Bring in some light
Install newer and brighter lights into any rooms that seem even a little bit dim. Lights will make spaces look bigger and more welcoming to buyers. No one will fall in love with a home which they have to strain to see in. Opt for LED lights if possible, as they will cast the brightest light in any area.

Pay special attention to doorways and basements for lights. Don’t let these areas seem dark or gloomy – the doorway will be where buyers first come in to see your home, and basements already have a bad reputation for being dark. Brighten and open yours up to buyers and ensure they can see everything so that it feels like a space they could live in.

Don’t forget the windows!
Spring and summer are the busiest times for real estate, and make sure you use that sunshine to your advantage! If you’re lucky enough to have great natural light in your home, use it as best you can. Swap out old blinds for new curtains which don’t fully block out light. These will also look much nicer when they are open to let in the sunshine.

Bright, sunny days also means that you should take extra care and keep those windows cleaned. A cleaner window will let in more light, and which will also make the room seem brighter and cleaner as well. If your window looks streaky, it will make the entire room look less clean, even if the rest is spotless.

Implementing these inexpensive options for your home will significantly increase your home’s value. Make your home look better than it ever has, and buyers will jump at the opportunity to live there. The market is in your favour right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into doing these upgrades. The higher your home’s value is, the higher the price you’ll get for it will be.

Once you’ve made all the upgrades you can on your home and you’re ready to list it, connect with our team of experienced real estate professionals at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate.